What You Should Know About Tea

The scientific name of the tea is Camelliasinensis. It is a type of leaf that is used to make a beverage that is aromatic. The product of these leaves when dried is also called tea. The beverage is made by pouring boiling water on the already dried tea leaves. The beverage is affordable and easy to make. This makes it a popular drink. Research shows that, after water, tea is the most consumed drink by human beings. Tea has a chemical composition of caffeine, which is a stimulant of the central nervous system. The caffeine content in it makes the consumer psychologically active. This is the reason as to why most people working till very late in the night take tea to keep them awake. It also helps people stay awake longer during hard labor. Therefore, it is not only a beverage but also a drug that helps people work longer. The drug content in tea is legal in most parts of the world, and that makes tea accessible to everyone. The caffeine content in tea has not been proven to be harmful to an individual's health. These are some of the reasons tea is widely used without any fear of health hazards or risks.

Tea comes in different forms and flavors. There is black tea, green tea, and herbal tea among others. Black tea is the best tea in the world as it has been recorded to be the most consumed among all the other varieties. The black tea is easy to make and is usually readily available in the retails. Herbal tea has many medical benefits, such as increasing cancer prevalence and helping in weight lose diet. What herbal eat is always considered a gourmet tea because of the many benefits it has like jasmine green tea benefits. It is slightly costly than black tea, but this does not mean it cannot be afforded. It is affordable to many. Green tea is the easiest to make as it does not need the expertise to make it. The leaves just need to be crushed manually then stored. Black tea stands out of them all because it never loses its flavor.

Tea can be used in many occasions with gourmet foods where people gather to meet. Such occasions include when meeting up for a conversation, in family gatherings and other social events. Tea can also be used alongside our meals. The beverage is much better and can be used in place of carbonated drinks.

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